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Who we are

Pioneers Travel in the Saharan regions and sub-Saharan Geotourism agency wants to share his passion for tourism through travel that we want filled with discovery, respect and curiosity.

Travel on this site are examples to show the extent of the wealth of these countries. Feel free to contact us to design your trip "a la carte".
Specialists in adventure tourism and travel exploration since 1998 Geotourism is the first travel agency Algerian-Malian to have organized nature and trekking expeditions 4x4 in the Sahara and the Sahel.
Our main office is located in Bamako, in the heart of West Africa. Our situation in Mali, a country crossroads of peoples and civilizations for centuries, we can spread throughout North Africa and the West, where we invite you to discover the natural beauty of these regions to meet peoples of rich traditions and cultures.

From Niger, Senegal, Algeria to Guinea Conakry, through Mali, Mauritania, Ghana, Togo and Benin, in each country, our teams work hard to develop, promote and support the unique circuitry and make your journey a discovery and wonderment!

Our team

Our team is passionate about people, arts and cultures of Africa.
For you the best in your tour of Africa, Geotourism has a team of local drivers and guides speaking several languages and dialects and having perfect knowledge of the field.
Each in their way, they take you on roads and paths in the towns and villages, meeting people, their cultures and their characteristics. They will be at your side and is with them that you appreciate the many treasures of our continent throughout the trip.
The team of officers, also present on the ground, is a melting pot of people from different backgrounds, and who came close to Bamako around a state of mind and a common passion: Africa !
Thus, our team is multi-ethnic, because that is where lies the richness of the West African country and we invite you to discover. It's also where all the wealth of travel!

Our approach

All the tours we offer are created and prepared with the utmost professionalism. Adventure seekers and new everyday, we run everything like a routine. That is why our trips are updated annually taking into account the possible routes and itineraries to offer you the finest custom trips. Thus, we have from day to day the spirit of adventure, originality and freedom that inspired us in the beginning.

Adventure, discovery and exploration are the essence of our trips. To ensure that these objectives are met, we pay special attention to logistics and each trip is tailored to local resources and seasons.

In GeoTour, we believe that the success of a trip must be based on both human resources as the quality of material resources used. Therefore, we take the time to regularly check our equipment, including through the maintenance of our vehicles.

With a team of professional office and field, detailed knowledge of the countries we are experiencing and the appropriate material resources, the agency Geotourism is fully committed to make your trip unique unvoyage!

You trust us

For over 10 years, GeoTour attracts adventurers looking for a unique travel experience. As a couple, family or friends, we welcome travelers are looking for authenticity and special meetings.
Our tours are open to travelers of all ages as we adapt to the needs or desires of each. Looking for culture, soft adventure sports or treks? Feel like sleeping under the stars on the banks of rivers, or want to find cheap charms, unique places combining comfort, traditional local architecture and decoration? In GeoTour, there is something for everyone, because it is important to us that everyone can enjoy his trip at his own pace.

The best experiences we share with travelers who are enthusiastic in unexpected situations, travelers eager to meet the travelers who have a deep respect for the people they visit, they pass through villages and landscapes' s offer them.

The trust you place in us drives us to seek always what is best for you. For we have thought a team of professionals and enthusiasts, curious travelers that without you we would not exist!

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