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Raid Sahel Harley-Davidson

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In February 2009 took place on Harley-Davidson Raid Sahel Mali - Burkina Faso. Geotourism, as receptive, spent several months preparing and organizing this adventure. A circuit "discovery" to the rhythm of African life and not a race: the 25 motorcycles have begun a circular course starting in Bamako, which has led to the expatriation step by step through the many faces of Mali and Burkina Faso.


40 motorcyclists and passengers have taken the road to Segou, then came to Bobo Dioulasso in Burkina and Ouagadougou. The return to Mali by 140 km of laterite track before reaching the Dogon cliff was only a prelude. Then came Mopti - the "Venice of Mali" - then the approach of the desert with Hombori - and his "Monument Valley". Without forgetting Djenné: city, built entirely of adobe houses a mosque World Heritage Site by Unesco.

Along the roads of the Sahel, these travelers were able to admire the misty rice fields and bales of cotton from Burkina Faso, Niger River magic sometimes combined with the desert of Mali, but also the cultural and human wealth of West Africa by discoveries and encounters unexpected as exceptional.




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