Mauritania is a country in northwestern Africa. She has an extensive coastline on the Atlantic Ocean, between Algeria and Western Sahara (now annexed by Morocco) to the north, Mali to the east and Senegal to the south.

Mauritania is the southwestern extension of the Sahara desert. It covers a vast territory, mostly desert. The scenery and captivating, fixed between the Atlantic and the Sahara are enjoyed by meditative contemplation. The desert here comes into its own and does not leave you unmoved. At the heart of this desert, the burst of a source, a nomad camp, an oasis, a herd of camels are always magic. On the advantage that the impersonal luxury, Mauritania offers this magic in many places. The wild places are scattered all regions and in particular those Tagant, Adrar and the Atlantic coast. All images on the desert are authentic. You are always surprised to discover, amid landscapes that have a different look every day.
"And then there's a certain flavor of freedom, simplicity ... a certain fascination with the limitless horizon ... nights without shelter, no-frills life that is indescribable."
Theodore Monod.
Tagant is a massive legendary Trab el Hajra (or country rock). It ranges from the sea of sand from the Majabat el Kubra and undulating dunes of the Guebla. Tagant, it is not quite the desert, because there is water in abundance. But this is not the Savanna. Yet "little forest", as its name suggests Berber Greening the rainy season and gives the appearance of this region a paradise unexpected.

The Adrar is the northernmost of the 'Trab al Hajra' situated in the Saharan zone very dry and hot. The word Adrar, which means mountain in Berber region was originally designated to Awjeft Dhar, Chinguetti and Ghallaouiya and its repercussions on Chaiman. Then the term became widespread. This extension is due to a certain unity in the way of life imposed on people by the natural conditions to a specific geographic area.

"No one can discover the Adrar and remain the same. It will, weak or strong, the mark of this stone fortress in the sand "Gouraud 1945.
"Discovering the Adrar is already enjoying the real desert, Garden of Allah the God of the righteous which has removed all unnecessary human and animal life, so as to have a place where he can walk in peace" . Moorish proverb.
But this desert is dotted with rivers of gold edged vast palm, Wadi Seguilil El Abiod, Timin, batha Atar, Chinguetti and Ouadane. And the desert mountains and sand ruiniform tabular intrusive, supports populations so welcoming ...
The Banc d'Arguin is located on the low coasts of Mauritania, where desert and sea blend imperceptibly into one another. "The western edge of Africa, this beach that extends out of sight, both north and south Moroccan Senegalese, this is the end of the world. Thus Theodore Monod described the region as he first discovered. This site says Banc d'Arguin, is actually one of the richest ornithological reserves in the world. It stretches over 200 km of coast between Nouakchott and Nouadhibou, and extends inland over dozens of kilometers which are embracing mudflats and dunes.
The Banc d'Arguin, ranked world site by UNESCO, is clearly one of the most amazing gatherings of seabirds and coastline of the planet. There are observed the most astonishing concentrations of shorebirds, waders and various waterfowl. This amazing ecosystem is sustainable if it has persisted since the Neolithic.

Mauritania shares borders with Morocco, Algeria, Mali and Senegal.

Mauritania is also crossed by Karakoro (River).

Its climate is extremely arid, resulting in a very low population density.


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