Algeria is the second largest country of Africa after Sudan. located in northwest Africa it is bordered by the Atlas mountains chain in the north along the Mediterranean coast and the Sahara in the South.

Northern Algeria is mainly mountainous. From the West to the East figure conspicuously the Ouarsenis, the Chenoua, the Djurdjura, The Babors, the Bibans, the Hodna and the Aures.

In southern Algeria, the region bordering the Sahara desert, Cities such as Tamanrasset, Ghardaia, Illizi or djanet offer remarkable sights. Travelers will get the opportunity to meet the tuaregs; the legendary nomads people and visit by jets or all terrain vehicles the hoggar, the Tassili of Hoggar, and the Tassili of the Aijersas well as the Mzab.


In northern Algeria, The coastal cities temperatures alternate between 85°C and 15°C in winter. the temperature rise to 25°C in May to finally settle between 28°C to 30°C in July and August.(28°C in Skikdaa, 29.5°C in Alger).
In the mountainous chain of Kabylie and the Aures as well as the continental shelf of Djelfa, winter temperatures reach about 5°C to -7°C. Snow is a commonly insight. Summer temperatures generally range between 30°C and 38°C(36°C in Constantine). In the South closer to the Sahara temperature are understandably higher, 15°C to 28°C in winter and 40°C up to 45°C and sometimes higher in summer.

It is estimated that about 72% of Algerians speak Arabic, 27.4% speak Berber. Many Algerians do speak French however, a very small number of people in Algeria do speak the three languages and claim to belong to several cultures; for instance the Arabic Culture and the Tamazight culture just to name a few. It is important to mention that these cultures are somehow intertwined.


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