Tenere - Niger

8 days to discover the remarkable places of the Air massif, and you venture to the Tenere Tafassasset and huge dunes.



  • Dunes=4
  • Oasis=3
  • 4x4=7
  • bivouac=5
  • Hotel=3


From Niamey, you immediately reach Agadez, the gates of the Air massif. You enter to the north, to discover the different faces and the wealth that is hidden in these crops in the highlands. The cozy town of Iferouane only one step before you marvel at the huge dunes of the Tenere, the "desert of the desert". The heart of the Air will open to you on the way home.



  • Day 1 - Europe - Niamey
  • Day 2 - Niamey - Agadez

The road leads to the entrance of the Air Massif: Agadez

  • Day 3 - Agadez - Gougaram

The road leads to the site Arlit engravings of giraffes Dabous before joining the camps of Tuareg nomads Gougaram.

  • Day 4 - Gougaram - Temet

Passage through Iferouane, one of the largest cities in the heart of the Air, the traditional center of the Tuareg culture. Then the boundary between massive and reveals the Tenere desert and its giant dunes, instead of camping for the night.

  • Day 5 - Temet - Adrailalale

Promenade sur l'une des plus gigantesques dunes du monde avant de partir en 4x4 à la découverte des dunes de l'Adrar Chiriet et sa faune riche et variée. Bivouac et superbes coucher et lever de soleil dans les dunes de l'Adrailalale.

  • Day 6 - Adrailalale - Ilakane

Between the dunes and mountains of Izan marble Ilakane the colors change and the gazelles will run between the rocks.

  • Day 7 - Ilakane - Tintoulous

Crossing Issaouane and views on the Tenere even more spectacular. The Arakao unfolds in the afternoon with his sand dunes caught in the claws of crab last mountain massif before the Tenere Desert. The oasis is a beautiful Tintoulous refuge in the high dunes for the night.

  • Day 8 - Tintoulous - Agadez

Visit the oasis and crossing before joining the Air Agadez.

  • Day 9 - Agadez - Niamey - Europe

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