Loop in the Tenere desert - Niger

15 days to discover some of the largest dunes in the world and lose his bearings in a beautiful setting out of sight before crossing the impressive mountains of the Air.



  • dunes=10
  • oasis=6
  • 4x4=13
  • Foot=9
  • bivouac=11
  • hotel=3

From Agadez, you will go to the south of the Air and its Neolithic sites and then to the strange Tree of Ténéré. Then follows the trail of the Azalaï eastward to the oases of Fachi and Bilma before rising to the Djado. Then you will walk amongst the vast dunes of the Tenere Tafassasset and cross the Lost Tree curious. Temet is the meeting of the dunes and the Air Mountains as you walk away Agadez.




  • Day 1 - Europe - Agadez

Arrival in the evening: reception at airport and transfer to hotel for dinner and overnight.

  • Day 2 - Agadez - Tiguidit

Early departure for the cliff Tiguidit towards the site of dinosaur skeletons and engravings to rupestres.déjeuner Tassak-N 'talam first contact with the nomadic Tuareg.

  • Day 3 - Tiguidit - Oufagadod

Depart for Tiguidit Tourayat, garden tour and lunch. Afternoon: Oufagadod, still used by the caravan of Azalaï. Bivouac.

  • Day 4 - Oufagadod - Arbre du Ténéré

After the well, we enter limmensité dunes of the Tenere will be found soon Larbre Ténéré: acacia multi-centenarian who has survived before being struck and uprooted by a drunk driver in 1973 and finally deau for caravans before crossing the Tenere to Fachi, remained very long mythical all connoisseurs of the Sahara. Afternoon: continuation of the journey in an ocean of sand, visiting Neolithic sites, camping in the dunes.

  • Day 5 - Ténéré - Oasis de Fachi

It is by conducting Larbre Ténéré "our road merges with the legendary Tuareg caravan, then we discuss limmensité Ténéré away loas of Fachi. Visit Iwa and the old town of Fachi: rocks, sand, palm trees make up a remarkable landscape. Visit the salt mines of the ancient fort and the Sultan. Installing the bivouac in the dunes overlooking loas.

  • Day 6 - Oasis de Fachi - Oasis de Bilma

Towards the oasis of Bilma, also populated by Toubou quiy practice the same activity as Fachi: These two cities are on the road from the caravan of Azalaï. The landscape is beautiful between these two places, and you install the bivouac Bilma: powered by Tuareg millet, gold or slaves, it produces salt and dates. In the north-eastern Niger, it is the starting point of the Caravan of Azalaï.

  • Day 7 - Oasis de Bilma - Dirkou - Aney

Visit saline Bilma, city Toubou and Kanuri. Then depart for Dirkou, the city Djado which is a great crossroads of trucks coming from Libya, which has loads of amazing. Afternoon: Aney direction for the night.

  • Day 8 - Aney - Ogba

Visit the village and especially Aney crossroads since colonialism, Seguidine road salt and other beautiful to visit. Afternoon Tea Djado the direction, which is the only green area on the caravan route of salt. You'll find the old colonial fort and beautiful palm trees and the camp is located in Ogba.

  • Day 9 - Ogba - Djado - Chirfa

Arrival at Djado, then visit Chirfa: oasis Ténéré northeast of Niger on the shelf Djado and lunch spot. Afternoon: Visit Chaba, ruins of an ancient civilization, overnight camping.

  • Day 10 - Chirfa - Arbre Perdu

From Djado or Chirfa in the direction of the Adrar Bous in the Air, the lost tree serves as a landmark for caravans. As you cross the desert dunes of Tafassasset before reaching it and spend the night in the heart of the desert.

  • Day 11 - Arbre Perdu - Adrar Bous

Mountain Branch of the Adrar Bous across a sea of sand. In the afternoon, we arrive at Adrar Bous to spend the night. Ability to see the fish fossils of an ancient lake.

  • Day 12 - Adrar Bous - Temet

Temet is one of the most beautiful sites of the Air, as the Air Mountains to meet the sand dunes of the Tenere. The highest dunes are home, and these mountains, enormous acacia trees.

  • Day 13 - Temet - Iferouane

Iferouane is a beautiful oasis and one of the largest, surrounded by high mountains. We meet artisans, farmers and other traders, and the few surviving ostriches in the Air.

  • Day 14 - Iferouane - Agadez

Depart early morning for breakfast Dabous, with its huge carvings of giraffes, which earned him the World Heritage listing by UNESCO. Then you reach Agadez and enjoy some free time in the late afternoon to visit the city.

  • Day 15 - Agadez - Europe

A final day, depending on your flight schedule, to soak up the culture of Nigeria, then it's the return flight ...


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