Most of Mali

10 days to find the Sahel of Mali, with contrasts between peoples and landscapes. The mud walls of Djenne, villages on cliffs of the Dogon, explore the mysteries of Mali.


  • cruise=1
  • 4x4=4
  • By foot=4
  • bivouac=3
  • hôtel=6

From Bamako, you will go north to Djenne and the Dogon country, on the Niger River to Mopti and Segou, the ancient capital of the Bambara Empire. An opportunity to explore the region of Mopti Dogon between cliff, river and Djenne, the city land.





  • Day 1 - Europe - Bamako

Arrival in the evening: reception at airport and transfer to hotel for dinner and overnight.

  • Day 2 - Bamako - Djenné

Morning departure to Djenne. Seen leaving the capital and the countryside SouthAfrica cross the country, with a stop in Segou for lunch: a charming colonial town rocked by the River Niger. Arrival in Djenne impress you with the crossing of the ferry and the town built entirely of adobe, traditional technique.

  • Day 3 - Djenné - Mopti

You learn Djenne, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, with its maze of narrow streets and its mosque, the world's largest building constructed in the ground. If a Monday is market day, one of the most colorful of the entire region, the central square in front of the mosque. You will drive in the afternoon to reach Mopti, the "Venice of Mali," crossroads of peoples and civilizations at the confluence of the rivers Niger and Bani.

  • Day 4 - Mopti - Bandiagara - Sangha - Banani (Pays Dogon)

Mopti is the basis for the Dogon Bandiagara beginning with ancient capital of the Empire Toucouleur. Then you reach Sangha and begin your discovery of the cliff by a superb descent Banani.

  • Day 5 - Banani - Iréli - Amani - Tiréli - Ydéli Na - Nombori (Pays Dogon)

You walk along the cliff to discover all the villages of Banani at Nombori, from north to south ... between dunes and cliffs, localities will curl between baobabs with architectural tradition Dogon sometimes mixed with that of Thelema ...

  • Day 6 - Nombori - Dourou - Indeli - Yabatalou - Ende (Pays Dogon)

A little further south, you pass the big dune, increasing to Ende, one of the most beautiful villages, with its neighbor Telli, the southern part of the cliff.

  • Day 7 - Ende - Teli - Kani Kombole - Djiguibombo - Bandiagara (Pays Dogon)

It's back to Bandiagara, through Kani Kombole Djiguibombo and on the plateau.

  • Day 8 - Bandiagara - Kona - Mopti (Pinasse sur fleuve Niger)

Very early in the morning, you leave for Kona north of Mopti to board the pinnace and sail up the Malian Venice. An easy navigation between fishing villages and beautiful mosques along the river, you learn how the Niger is a source of life.

  • Day 9 - Mopti - Ségou

In Mopti Segou, you have crossed the go ... This time you'll have time to enjoy its calm and its colonial architecture and Sudan.

  • Day 10 - Ségou - Bamako - Europe

The morning gives you time to visit Ségoukoro, the "old Segou" cradle of the Empire of King Biton Coulibaly: the royal palace and two mosques, including one along the river, surplobée ostrich egg! In the afternoon, you regain the capital and can refresh yourself at the hotel before dinner and departure for the airport.





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