Benin and Burkina Faso - From Ouagadougou to the Ocean

10 days to find two countries from north to south, Burkina, Benin. You go to the tropics of the Sahel, Muslim animist animists voodoo ... and discover places full of an incredible story.



  • Burkina=3
  • Benin=7
  • 4x4=8
  • Feet=1
  • Bivouac=1
  • Hotel=8

From Ouagadougou, you will browse the Mossi country, and Fulani, and Samba ... The fortified villages and then the park Natitingou, kings of Dahomey and finally the coast Ouidah and voodoo traditions, Ganvié the lakeside village. And finally Porto Novo, the capital of Benin, Benin as much Portuguese and caribbean. So many discoveries in contrast to days of travel.



  • Day 1- Europe - Ouagadougou

Arrival in the evening: reception at airport and transfer to hotel for dinner and overnight.

  • Day 2- Ouagadougou - Tiébélé - Pô

Road to Gourmanché region, crossing the Mossi Plateau. Judgement in the villages and meeting with people. Continuation to Fada N'Gourma. In the afternoon, visit the city of Tiébélé.

  • Day 3- Pô - Pama

Discover the region of the Fulani to beautiful women richly dressed and meeting with the Fulani people then continue to the border between Burkina Faso and Benin. Immigration formalities and customs. Arrive Porga or Pama.

  • Day 4- Pama - Natitingou

Departure Tanguieta village crossroads between Atakora, northern Togo and Burkina Faso. Walking to the magnificent waterfalls Tanougou where you can swim. In the afternoon, discover the country and its people somba hunter, fetishistic tradition living in mini-castles (tata somba). Check-in Natitingou, capital of Atakora.

  • Day 5- Natitingou - Djougou - Dassa

You're in the park and enjoy a safari in the middle of buffalo, big cats - leopard, lion - hippos ... You make a stop at its edge for a walk to the falls before Tanongou rcontinuer southward until 'to Djougou: fart vibrant city, it takes you into the country Dendi, northern Benin. Then you arrive Dassa Zoumé "the city of 41 hills".

  • Day 6- Dassa - Abomey

You go to Abomey, ancient capital of Dahomey: Abomey home to a multitude of cultural attractions around the Kingdom of Dahomey. To enjoy the atmosphere of the city, you will go on Route zem kings who will go around the city and its monuments.

  • Day 7- Abomey - Ganvié - Ouidah

After Abomey, you win Ganvié, the lakeside: the lakeside village on Lake Nokoué. The Tofinou have settled in the seventeenth century and developed habitat on stilts throughout the area. Thus, it is a walk along the water to discover the city. Then it is time to dive into the voodoo in Ouidah going ...

  • Day 8- Ouidah

The oldest port of Benin has a particularly high reputation instead of the slave trade between 1800 and 1900. Thus the historical museum in Ouidah you will understand the origin of the Afro-Brazilian culture of Benin and the Slave Route takes you to the old beach boarding slaves. You walk the trails of the forest to discover sacred Iroko where you can make a wish, it also conceals a multitude of sculptures of different deities animists. Casa do Brasil offers a glimpse of the African Diaspora and is a fine example of Afro-Portuguese architecture of the city and the region. Enjoy the activities of Ouidah and walk through its streets ...

  • J9- Ouidah - Cotonou

Road to Cotonou with stop at the famous market Dantokpa, built on the edge of the lagoon. Free time to visit the artisans center. Afternoon at leisure to recent purchases in the capital of Benin.

  • J10- Cotonou - Porto Novo - Cotonou - Europe

You go along the coast to go through Cotonou and Porto Novo win, the administrative capital of Benin, on Lake Nokoué. You can visit the Ethnographic Museum and the Museum da Silva on the history of Afro-Brazilian culture: the creation of the port of slaves to their successful reintegration in Benin. Stroll around the market and see the mosque and colorful appointment of Adjara zem market just north of Porto Novo to discover a colorful local handicrafts. You return in the evening on Cotonou for your flight home ...

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