Togo & Benin - In Voodoo Country

15 days to discover these two countries, combining modernity and tradition, crafts and unusual classic adventure and relaxation ... A circuit in two loops from south to north before falling back on your feet.



  • Benin = 12
  • Togo = 4
  • 4x4 = 12
  • Feet = 2
  • Pirogue = 2
  • Hôtel = 14


From Cotonou, you explore two neighbors, who seem so similar and yet ... although they share some common history, Togo, German style, Benin Portuguese style you deliver multiple stories: tata somba the kings of Dahomey, Togoville Ouidah Voodoo City Ganvié the lakeside village, ... Such diversity could spell!



  • Day 1 - Europe - Cotonou

Arrive in the evening in Cotonou, airport reception and transfer to hotel for dinner and overnight.

  • Day 2 - Cotonou - Ganvié - Abomey

Cotonou Ganvié you reach the lakeside village on Lake Nokoué. The Tofinou have settled in the seventeenth century and developed habitat on stilts throughout the area. Thus, it is a walk along the water to discover the city. Late afternoon, you take the road to join Abomey, where you overnight.

  • Day 3- Abomey

Abomey home to a multitude of cultural attractions around the Kingdom of Dahomey. To enjoy the atmosphere of the city, you will go all the morning on Route zem kings who will go around the city and its monuments. You then have lunch downtown and a stroll in the market nearby. In the afternoon, you can visit the museum and discover the craft center attached to it. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

  • Day 4 - Abomey - Lokossa - Possotomé

In the morning you will head Lokossa to finally get to the edge of Lake Possotomé Aheme. Mecca of Voodoo, you can familiarize yourself with the practices, talismans each home holds fetishes that you can interest you quietly before discovering the hot springs nearby. Night and dinner at the hotel at the Lake.

  • Day 5 - Possotomé - Grand Popo

From Possotomé you reach the next level of Grand Popo. Always open country voodoo, but this time by the sea, this city is a stage favorite for beaches and the quiet charm of the city.

  • Day 6 - Grand Popo

You start off in the canoe to the Bouches du Roy at the mouth of the Mono River. Then you continue the navigation to a fishing village and the Turtle Beach, through beautiful landscapes always.

  • Day 7 - Grand Popo - Ouidah

It is time to dive into the voodoo joining Ouidah. The oldest port of Benin has a particularly high reputation instead of the slave trade between 1800 and 1900. As the History Museum of Ouidah is one of the most beautiful country and you will understand the origin of the Afro-Brazilian culture of Benin. Then you walk the trails of the sacred forest and the slave route to reach the old beach boarding slaves. At this time the festival will be held Quintessence (International Film Festival) Ouidah: you can attend a screening evening if you wish.

  • Day 8 - Ouidah

Ouidah Voodoo Festival: Leave your guide and enjoy the festivities and discoveries in the city and especially on the beach. This day is a national holiday, the largest gathering at Ouidah, with opening ceremony by the high priest on the beach.

  • Day 9 - Ouidah - Cotonou - Porto Novo

You go along the coast to go through Cotonou and Porto Novo, the administrative capital of Benin, on Lake Nokoué. You can visit the Ethnographic Museum and the Museum da Silva on the history of Afro-Brazilian culture: the creation of the port of slaves to their successful reintegration in Benin. Stroll around the market and see the mosque and colorful appointment of Adjara zem market just north of Porto Novo to discover a colorful local handicrafts.

  • Day 10 - Porto Novo - Dassa

A few walks in Porto Novo in the morning, then you win Dassa Zoumé the''city of 41 hills''in the afternoon. Walk quietly in the city itself overhung rock formations to discover the cave Marian and the local market.

  • Day 11 - Dassa - Alédjo - Sokodé (Togo)

Dassa you head to Togo, from the border Alédjo. This takes you through landscapes of forests Agoué, Monts Kouffé of Pénessoulou road before discovering the incredible vulnerability of Alédjo in the heart of this natural wildlife reserve. Before arriving in Sokodé, you will discover the crafts of blacksmiths Bandjeli.

  • Day 12 - Sokodé - Atakpamé

In the morning you can stroll quietly around town before heading to Atakpamé taking the time to explore the reserve Koue (Fazao-Malfakassa), only to discover elephants, antelopes, buffalo, monkeys and birds in lush nature.

  • Day 13 - Atakpamé - Kpalimé - Lomé

Friday is market day in Atakpamé, and you will discover that once the differences with the Benin while the colorful atmosphere is still there. Take the road south-west to pass through Dzogbegan and discover his monastery. Then go up to admire the castle Kaplimé Viale, just after lunch and learn the craft center of Kloto work between the fabric of rock and wood. Kpalime you finally earn the capital Lome Togo, and visit the National Museum and the incredible market fetishists, where you can buy amulets already made up or take the time to make yours ...

  • Day 14 - Lomé - Aného

In the morning you leave Lome Togo to Lake, east of Agbodrafo. Spend some time at the Hotel du Lac, which you can enjoy the lake itself and take a trip on the North Shore City to Togo: royal house, crafts center, cathedral, take the time to discover this beautiful city combining Catholic and animism. You then join Aného where you spend the night.

  • Day 15 - Aného - Cotonou (Bénin) - Europe

Check Lomé in the morning and you take the road towards the seafront Cotonou. After crossing the border, you reach Cotonou in early afternoon before going to the airport for your flight home.

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The circuit shown is an example: Changes are possible on this trip, to make your choices according to your wishes.

January 10 held in Ouidah Voodoo Festival: see if your dates are and do not miss this event!

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